A downloadable game

This is a Minigame-Infused Visual Novel about Quality Control in a Startup Scenario. Your journey as a hot new startup begins with picking which delivery service best suits your needs! Fortunately, there are some fantastic contenders waiting to be of service! Unfortunately, you have to decide! This puzzle-stacking-typing dating sim will drag you into the world of building a quality startup! Enjoy gorgeous art, high quality music, and three challenging mini games. All of which was made in only 48 hours!

If you want to try the full game, it's hosted as a website! Click this link for the full game

If you want to play only the minigames and miss out on the fabulous music and art our artists have created, click this link for the demo

We'd like to thank some very special people for their contributions:

Isaac Hirschfeld - Engine creation, Head programmer, Project Leader

Steph Oro - Programmer

Tarin Nuamcharoen, Katie Bryant, Sen Holmes, Izzy Joyce, Kristen Buglio - Artists

PJ Lobello, Brad Tylutki, Jamie Shamilian - Musical Artists

Burns - Head Story Writer

Mecks Copeland - Snack Runner

Teny, Avneet, Mike, Noah, Katie, Kristen, Chris, Jake - Moral Support

Asset steals:

http://github.com/meshiest/sim-engine - game engine